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Keshavraj Temple: Located Amidst The Serene Nature Of Dapoli

Keshavraj Temple In Dapoli.
Keshavraj Temple :Located Amidst The Serene Nature Of Dapoli

One of the lesser-known places in Konkan is Dapoli, located in the Ratnagiri District. It may be overshadowed by other destinations in Konkan, however, it is a unique coastal hill station in Maharashtra that should be on your list. Dapoli is known for its lovely beaches, temples, caves and many other attractions. One of the most recommended attractions in Dapoli is the Keshavraj Temple.

Keshavraj Temple: A Temple In Konkan Surrounded By Lush Nature

Located in Asudbaug, Keshavraj Temple and its location highlight Dapoli’s raw and natural beauty. Asudbaug is located 6 Kilometres from the Dapoli - Harne Road, near Dapoli. The temple is accessible from a trail that starts from Dabkewadi.

The trail is considered to be the most picturesque attraction in Konkan. The entire trail is surrounded by dense forests, coconut trees and palm grooves. The trail has been existing for hundreds of years.

You will experience serenity as you will encounter greenery, water bodies and streams while you take the trail. You will be in the very lap of nature itself. The water flows throughout the year and once you will cross the stream, you will find some steps that lead you to the temple.

The temple was constructed during the Peshwa Era. The temple has a Lord Vishnu idol and a Lord Ganpati Idol on the side. The temple is surrounded by stone pavements on all four sides, which makes it one of the most beautiful temples in Dapoli. The cow’s mouth shaped stone at the temple offers freshwater throughout the year.

The calm and serene atmosphere of the Keshavraj Temple will make you fall in love with Dapoli and Konkan even more! This temple should be on your list of many things to do in Konkan.

More Places To Visit In Dapoli

View from a trek in Dapoli.
Dapoli has a lot to offer!

Other than the Keshavraj Temple, there are many other places to visit in Dapoli. The beaches in Dapoli are Karde Beach, Ladghar Beach, Murud Beach and Tamastirth Beach. You should also visit the Parshuram Bhumi and Panhalekaji Caves. You can also experience the Unhavare Hot Springs to relax.

The Serene Nest is a perfect place for you if you want to visit Dapoli and experience the various attractions in Konkan. Come to us for your next weekend!

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